Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Shipment is On It's Way

Once again drugs are in the air over the Atlantic.

I was hoping to accelerate the schedule so shipments would arrive closer to the start of the month. Things were a bit rushed in getting the order configured and the funds transferred and there was a minor glitch at the last minute. The order was supposed to include 35 vials of Doxorubicin and 50 vials of Vincristine but only 48 vials of Vincristine could be shipped because Ameristat Pharmaceeuticals exhausted the Vincristine supplies of their wholesale supplier and the tight schedule didn't allow time to get the additional 2 vials from an alternate supplier. The cost of the 2 vials will be refunded and the money will be applied to the next shipment, but the book keeping is more complex than it would have been otherwise.


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