Thursday, September 28, 2006

Planning October Shipment

The next shipment to the hospital will be in early/mid October and preparations are well under way. The hospital has said how the budgeted funds should be spent, funds are in place at LIFE, and a preliminary heads-up has gone to the helpers at Mosul Airport. Now I begin to watch and worry and nag and make sure the plan happens as best I can.

It continues to be easier to send and make sure they get there than to find people willing to pitch in and help expand the project. The shipments are getting there almost like clockwork. My efforts to attract support from others (individuals, NGO's, anybody who will listen) continue to be far less successful. It's hugely frustrating and could break a persons will to be totally ignored or politely told "no" or passed off to someone who doesn't care time after time after time. I lost it while talking to a receptionist at one NGO last week - when she offered to put me through to someone's voicemail I said "I think I'll go beat my head against a brick wall instead, it will be more productive". Obviously not a responsible businesslike way to act, and I need to do better.


Anonymous braamer said...

A staffer for a Michigan-based Islamic charity has been killed in Iraq at a militia-run checkpoint in Baghdad. Abdul-Sattar Abdullah was the director of programs for Life For Relief and Development. Abdullah is the first staff member of the organization to be killed in Iraq. He was helping to open medical clinics, renovate schools and complete a major water treatment plant project in partnership with UNICEF. He is survived by four children. His pregnant wife is expecting to deliver a fifth child in two months.

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