Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another shipment arrives at the hospital.

The hospital's internet service is out again (no email) but I was able to confirm by telephone that another shipment reached the hospital June 12th, 2006. Deliveries of chemotherapy drugs by Kimadia, the hospital's normal source of supply, remain essentially zero this year, much worse than last year. All the drugs in the shipments I am sending are used up before the next shipment arrives, and the hospital has no reserve inventory at all. Yet what I am able to send is only a small fraction of what is needed.

The contents of the current shipment were the same as the last:
20 50-mg vials Adriamycin (also called Doxorubicin)
25 2-mg vials Vincristine
30 1000mg vials Cyclophosphamide (also called Endoxan)

This packing list is in no way random or arbitrary, it is what the doctors at the hospital report is the best use of the of the available funds, what will save the most lives. I rely on their judgenent and ship what they ask for based on the money available each month.

Correction: I went back and checked, and this shipment was actually somewhat different from the previous one, which included 10 more vials of doxorubicin than this shipment.


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