Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another shipment arrives successfully

I got word from the hospital Monday May 8 that another shipment reached them successfuly. The shipment went in two parts, one sent from Germany and one from Minnesota. Both arrived at the airport on the same flight. The Minnesota package left as scheduled on Monday May 1 the one from Germany a few hours later, technically May 2 in Germany. Both were safely fridged up over the weekend by helpers at the airport before the transfer to the hospital.

The following was in this shipment:
35 50-mg vials doxorubicin
20 2-mg vials vincristine
10 1-g vials cyclophosphamide

I find myself both glad that these drugs will help the patients in Mosul and saddened by the knowledge that ongoing shortages will imperil the lives of many patients. I am doing what I can to help, but my resources are limited and, in comparison to the hospital's annual needs, woefully inadequate.

Whoever who reads this, I hope they will consider helping. I can be contacted as indicated at the top of this web page, and there is an email link in my profile that will reach me.

Correction: I went back and checked the invoices and email traffic and found that 30 vials of cyclophosphamide, not 10, actually was shipped and received.


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