Monday, September 18, 2006

Another shipment reaches the hospital

I got confirmation from the hospital that the latest shipment reached them Monday September 18th. This shipment was identical to the last:

- 34 Doxorubicin 50 mg vial
- 45 Vincristine 2 mg vial

The icepacks in this shipment were found melted when the shipment arrived at the airbase although they were reportedly still cool (~60F estimated). The shipment traveled in two boxes instead of one larger box like previous shipments and it is suspected that this was the reason the icepacks were depleted. Efforts are underway to ensure that future shipments are packed better (bigger box, more insulation).

I'm working now on organizing the next shipment. First I will find out if anybody else has sent donations to LIFE recently and add what I usually do to the total, then let the hospital know what money is available and ask them what should be sent, then let the pharmacy know, make sure LIFE sends the money to the pharmacy, make sure everybody on both ends knows the shipping schedule and is ready, and finally watch another shipment make it's way to Mosul. Oh yes, also gotta help the pharmacy find a reliable source of big, insulated shipping boxes.

I'm also working on trying to get more folks to help: sent emails to a couple of NGO's in the last week or so and am approaching a local church which has shown some interest. I desperately need to find others to help if there is to be any hope of overcoming the terrible shortages at the hospital - it's hard for me to beg for money from others, and hugely frustrating hitting a stone wall when I approach NGO's and such, but it needs to be done. The total tab for the latest shipment was $3864.25 ($3485.25 for drugs, $379.00 for FedEx shipping). $400 of this was covered by donations from others, the rest by my own.


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