Saturday, June 23, 2007

Project Continues Despite Difficulties

The shortages of medicines at Iraq's hospitals continue. I came across an article related to the ongoing problem here: link

I continue to do what I can to try to get chemotherapy drugs to the hospital in Mosul but there are difficulties, among them the following:

1. My own financial resources are reduced at the current time, and I have been one of the largest contributors to the project.

2. Communications with LIFE have been difficult recently, apparently due to personnel changes and staffing problems.

3. Contributions from others have been limited, although a new supplier has offered to provide drugs at a very good price, for which I thnk them profusely.

4. Shipping problems developed during May in connection with trial shipments to Mosul of some samples from the new supplier. Although considerable confusion and frustration was encountered in connection with those shipping problems, they provided valuable experience which should help future shipments go more smoothly and the two shipments of samples did finally reach Mosul airport.

5. Problems have developed in arranging transfer of the sample shipments from Mosul Airport to the hospital. Five attempts have failed so far, but the problems seem to have been identified and steps are underway to resolve them.

In summary, what became almost routine last year has become more difficult. Never the less, the project continues. I would rather be reporting delivery of shipments to the hospital than problems. Regretably, I can not.