Saturday, January 12, 2008

Recent Deliveries

I have been remiss in logging recent deliveries.

A shipment reached the hospital on 11/22/07 or thereabouts - I got confirmation by telephone sometime on 11/21, I think, and sent an email that phone call on 11/22. Unlike the FedEx tracking info that documents shipment locations and times enroute to the airport, transport to the to the hospital is accopmplished by busy people by methods and on schedules which can not be reported or discussed for security reasons - nobody takes notes, they just get the lifesaving drugs where they need to go and send me an email that they did so.

This shipment included 50 vials Doxorubicin (50 mg/25 ml) and 8 intact vials Carboplatin (450 mg/45ml) (2 were lost by breakage in transit from India)

A shipment reached Mosul Airport January 9th and is safely stored under refrigeration there pending arrangements to transport it to the hospital.

This shipment in progress includes 49 intact vials Doxorubicin(50mg/25ml) (1 was broken in transit from India) and 12 vials Carboplatin(45mg/45ml).

The breakage of vials in transit in the last two shipments is being energetically investigated and an effective correction of the problem is hoped for soon. No breakage has occurred in the many shipments which preceded these. These drugs are potent and potentially hazardous if spilled, and standard procedure in the event of a spill is to wear protective gloves and safety glasses, wipe up all spilled liquid, and wash the area. All cleaning materials and waste including the gloves need to be bagged up and either buried or burned. The vials come each in it's own individual carton, and any contaminated cartons have to be discarded with the other cleanup materials.

I have checked with FedEx representatives and there is no obvious cause for the recent breakage in transit other than problems in how the shipments are packaged for shipment. I made it clear to the supplier after the first incident that the shipments needed to be packaged better, and we agreed that they would be. Now that there has been a second incident, my understanding is that high level management will be watching and taking photos as the next shipment is packed to ensure that everything possible is being done to prevent further breakage in transit.


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